16th Stoneham World Cup

The World Cup in Stoneham was my 2nd world cup to compete in.

My team mates, coach and i had an early flight out of denver. It was my first time visiting Quebec Canada and i absolutely loved it. Flying in over the city was amazing because we flew in right as the sun was setting. I took some pretty sweet shots of sunrise and sunset this travel day from my seat in the plane!

Sunrise – Denver Airport Sunset – Flying into Quebec

All the Athletes, Coaches, Judges, Media and other staff were staying together at the Hilton Hotel. I was lucky enough to be put on the executive level on the top floor. I had a great room with an amazing view over the whole city.

We had 2 practice days before the comp. The weather was reasonable sun came out in stages and the pipe wasn’t in the best condition but everyday it got better as we rode it.

Comp day came and we looked outside our windows and all there was to see was white! it was a complete whiteout over the whole city and snowed about 6 inches in the pipe.

The boys competed first. During practice it was difficult to ride the pipe due to the conditions, but i pushed through it and was able to land both my runs. My run was Air Air Front 5 Back 5 Front 3 Cab 3. It wasn’t the best run ive ever done but i was really happy to have landed on my feet in the bad conditions and get 16th in my 2nd world cup.

They managed to spell my name wrong on my credential.

I was in canada for a total of 6 days and between the training days and comp days my team and i were able to walk around and do a bit of site seeing around Quebec City.

Heres some of my tourist shots from Quebec Canada

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