A Days Work @ Perisher

I spent an entire day filming with ozsnowboard.com last week at Perisher mostly hiking drops, rocks and natural wall rides with a few warm up laps in Leichhardt park.

Heres the edit Chris put together from our perfect blue bird day!

My little 13 year old brother Victor who is now bigger than me came riding with us aswell and was right behind me hitting some of the cool features. There’s a few shots of him here to!

Today I was riding at Perisher with a bunch of friends and we had a really fun line going at Leichhardt T-Bar. A bunch of pow rollers into a  massive windlip wall drop finnishing the run off with a windlip Quarter-Pipe. It was a super fun day hucking spins off the drop and throwing backflips on the natural quarter-pipe!

The one thing i love doing is Backies. Check out the video.

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