24th @ NZ World Cup

I finnished 24th in the World Cuo in Cardrona, NZ. It was the first Olympic qualifyer and i am happy with the result to start the season off.

My run consisted of Air, Air, Back 5, Front 5, Air, Front 3, Haakon Flip (Switch inverted 720)
I had a few minor stuff ups in my run and didnt have the amplitute that i would have liked but after landing a new trick in my run from only learning it 3 days before i was stoked on the result, and it just leaves room for improvement for the next world cup which will be in early December in Ruka, Finland.

Here are a few shots dad took the day after the competition and also hanging at lake wanaka watching an endurance jet ski race by some crazy local New Zealanders (the water was freezing!)


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