4th @ Mount Snow Rev Tour

Mount Snow Rev Tour was the last stop on the Revolution Tour.

The pipe at mount snow was alot like Perisher’s in Australia. Small, slushy and super fun!

We had 2 days before we competed.
With temperatures in the 60s (15 degrees celcius) it turned the pipe really soft early in the day, but i was used to those conditions and loved it. My coach and i spent an afternoon hiking the pipe in our tshirts.
I was doing backflips out of the bottom of the pipe and then turned it into an actual halfpipe trick and landed a few Alley-oop Rodeos.

There were only 14 girls signed up for the event. I attended the riders meeting the night before and everyone decided to go straight into finals and all the girls got 3 runs.

The pipe was in great shape for the comp considering how warm it was. The competition didn’t go as well as i planned. I fell on my first run and again on my 2nd run. With only 1 run left i wasn’t able to do my inverted tricks and had to stick to landing a safe run to get a decent result. Having put the pressure on myself leaving it till the final run i successfully landed a run consisting of Air, Back 5, Air, Air, Front 5. I finished  in 4th place which i was happy with.

It had been a long month of traveling, competing and living out of a suit case but i was definitely ready to head back home to colorado.

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