10th in Qualifying @ Burton US Open, Vermont

This was my first time competing in the Burton US Open!

The pipe was in prime condition and I was loving it. During the practice days I was consistently landing my safety run and was training my new crippler 7 to be included in my competition run.

Comp day was here and I was ready, with the sun shining, practice begun and I landed my run first try with my new crippler 7 last hit! The pipe felt good and so did I.

I was at the top ready to drop for my first run, after talking with my coach I had decided to go for my harder run straight up. My run was air air back 5 front 5 air crippler 7. I landed my run clean and was excited to have landed my crippler 7 in a comp for the first time.

There was a huge gap in time between first and second runs. Unfortunately for our second qualifying run the sun had disappeared and the pipe became really dark. I crashed down pretty hard on my crippler 7 and was unable to better my first score. I finished up 10th in qualifying, they only took top 5 through to semis. Even though I didn’t make it through, the day was a huge success landing a new trick in my run and I finished 21st over all in my first Burton US Open!

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