Hermosa Beach – Rest & Recovery

After the World Cup in Canada i had 2 days to kill before flying to mammoth for the Grand Prix. I have some family friends that live in Hermosa Beach, LA and it seemed like a great place to spend 2 rest days away from snow and on a sandy beach.

It was my second time visiting Hermosa Beach and i really didnt want to leave after the 2 days. It was nice waking up in the morning walking outside seeing and smelling the salty ocean. I spent most of my time walking on the beach, watching the surfers, dolphin watching (when they came out to play)  and hanging out with my family friend who has a beautiful 3 yr old daughter. But 2 days was up soon enough and i was back at LAX airport boarding my flight to Mammoth for my next competition.

From groomed snow to groomed sand.

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