4th @ Otsego Rev Tour!

The Otsego Rev Tour was my first time traveling to Michigan. We flew into Detroit and then drove 4 hours to the Otsego Resort Club. On the way we passed 8 Mile Rd which we all were weirdly excited about.

We had 3 days of training before comp day which was plenty of time to get used to the pipe and figure out a run. The pipe was ment to be 22ft but it was only an 18ft, The shape was really good but it was just small and i was only able to get 4 decent hits in.

I Qualified 2nd with a run Back 5, Front 5, Air to fakie, Switch back 5 which put me through to finals where i ended up 4th just missing out on the podium. Its my first top 5 result for the season so i am stoked!

Im back in Colorado in training mode to prepare for a big month of competitions coming up in a couple of weeks.

Here’s a few shots i took on the road from Michigan.

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