Top 10 @ Northstar Rev Tour

Northstar only had 7% of the snow terrain open which isnt alot at all but what counts is that there was a perfect 22 Foot halfpipe and thats all that mattered for me.

Northstars pipe was possibly one of the steepest pipes i have ever riden so it took a little getting used to but once i got the feel for it it was amazing.

I landed my first run which consisted of air, back 5, front 5, air to fakie, switch back 3. i didnt score very high for that run so i just put everything into my second run to up my score and hopefully make it into finals. My second run i did the same run with more hight but upgraded my switch back 3 into my new trick i have been learning which is switch back 5, unfortunatly i put my bum down on the switch back 5 and was unable to qualify for finals finishing in 9th place.

Im back in Colorado now and its just started to snow which is great because i am yet to have a good pow day so hopefully it keeps snowing so i can have some fun in the pow at vail.

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