After 2 amazing days on Hermosa Beach it was time for my flight to Reno airport and then a 3 hour drive to Mammoth Mountain!

This is my 3rd trip to mammoth in my time snowboarding so far and i absolutly love it here, hot sunny hoodie weather most days when its not windy. Today was our second day on snow and even though i havn’t been snowboarding in only a month i still woke up with sore feet from being back in my boots. The conditions are not too bad the sun has been shining and there is a rediculous amount of snow left when its almost june, but its been a little windy which is always unpleasent but hey im back on snow in summer and it is awesome!

The view from my bedroom window (Mammoth Mountain Inn)

A new halfpipe has almost finished building as the current pipe is quite destroyed. so hopefully once the new one is up and running we can get straight into learning some new tricks!

We went and hung out at the Volcom Brothers Skate park yesterday arvo. Just hanging out and having a skate with everyone was really fun until the Mitrani brothers started shreding the park and we just sat back and watched them. It’s rediculous how those boys can be so good at snowboarding and then totally rip up the skate park!

When i was in Colorado i met Pete the guy that owns and makes Unity Snowboards. Unity is a small colorado company that make hand build snowboards  and because of my height and gymnastic strength i’ve had so much trouble finding good based strong small sized boards, so i met Pete and he made me 2 completely custom boards which turned out to be awesome and ive now riden 2 days on one of them and im already seeing a difference in my riding and feel alot more stronger on my snowboard!

Keep checking in as i will be posting a fair bit about my mammoth trip!

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