Hermosa Beach, CALIFORNIA!

I was in Australia for exactly 35 days after my 5 months in Colorado and im already back in america!

This trip is for a 2 week summer camp in Mammoth Mountain. The camp started on the 29th of May but i headed over to California 2 days early and got to spend 2 days on the beach at Hermosa Beach. Dad has a really close friend with a 3yr old daughter that lives in Hermosa so i got to spend the 2 days hanging out with them. The weekend i was there was Memorial Day and Hermosa Beach celebrated it pretty hard which was awesome, they closed off the main road at the beach and set up live bands and a bunch of little market shops. I really enjoyed it as i love shopping at market style places so i went to Hermosa at the best possible time for me!

Seeing as i missed out on my summer time atleast i got to spend 2 days in the sun on the beach!

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