The day after i got back from Junior Worlds in Italy i had to compete in USASA Nationals.

Luckily the jetlag hadn’t hit me yet, so i was ready to go!

I landed my run in warm up which was Air, Air, Front 5, Back 5, Air, Michalchuk.

Unfortunatly in my comp runs i landed my back to back 5s which i had a bit of trouble with during the week and some how fell on the michalchuk both runs which normal i can do that trick in my sleep. Its actually the first trick i learnt in the pipe even before front 3s. It helps being a gymnast!

The second crash i caught my heels pretty bad breaking my helmet and getting a free ride down to ski patrol just to check i didnt have a concussion, and thankfully i passed all the tests with no signs of a concussion.

Nationals was my last competition for the northern season, it would have been nice to land a run and finish on a good comp but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

I’ve been in colorado since the 5th of december and im now down to exactly 2 weeks to go, and its now spring so im stoked to ride in some slushy snow, training a few more tricks before i go back home to sydney!

Here is a video of my run at nationals with my solid Michalchuk crash!

Photo’s by Harry Magiros

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