Italy was amazing. Valmalenco ski resort was beautiful, the conditions made it so easy and nice to compete in as it was about +10-15 degrees everyday.. definitely got some nice spring riding in and a few runs in a singlet, as they were closing the pipe after the comp and i was able to get one hit to get a shot in the air with no jacket on with the amazing mountains in the background! (i got the shot)
The day i was competing there was a whole bunch of little school kids up on the hill watching. It was cool having a big crowd of kids there and they were always yelling out for me to come over and sign autographs and get photos with me, it was really exciting, felt a little bit famous.

The competition didn’t go as well as i hoped. I had been having a bit of trouble with my back to back 5s. I fell on my Back 5 in my first run, then in my second run i managed to just scrape it around continuing on to my front 5 but unfortunatly clipped my butt on the pipe wall on my Michalchuk.

My result was 16th out of 32 competitors and that was with 2 fallen runs so i’m still really happy with how i went in my first world standard competition.
All up the trip was great, i got to go to a new country, learn the basics of a new language and represent my country in what i love doing.

Valmalenco Edit Coming Soon!

All photo’s by Harry Magiros (dad)

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