I arrived at Mt Snow, Vermont on Sunday and so far it wasn’t raining which was awesome!

We had pipe practice the next day, which went really well. I was landing my run and was overall happy with the pipe and my riding!

Comp day! The sun was out, the wind was non existant and the pipe was pretty dam good! It was an interesting day i landed my front 5s in practice which i only really started spinning good that week but didnt get to do a flip in warm up so i just thought ill have to give it all ive got in my first run.

My first run was air, air, front 5, air, air, Michalchuk, which scored me a 30 and ranked 3rd in qualifying and made it through to finals where they only took top 6.

My finals run was exactly same, which i landed again and was totally stoked and it scored me a 32 which landed me a spot on the podium in 3rd place!

I was really happy with how the day turned out as I achieved my goal of making finals in the Last rev tour stop and to land on the podium was even better!

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