Olympic Halfpipe Competition

Today is the day. I am living my olympic dream, representing Australia in the Halfpipe!
No nerves, just pure excitement to show the world what I can do for Australia.


I was bib number 10 in the First heat, meaning I was 10th to drop. Training went really well and I was feeling confident to land my runs in the comp.

In my first run I did one of the biggest michaelchuk’s (Backflip on heelside wall) I had ever done and landed a little bit low in the transition loosing some speed and I just couldn’t get back on my line and finish a good run. Lucky we get 2 runs.


Standing at the top of the pipe strapped in and ready to go for my second run all I thought to my self was I am at the Olympics in Sochi it doesn’t matter that I am coming last after first run, I am here, I made it.
Knowing I had already made my olympic dream and was sitting last after first run I had nothing to lose and just gave my second run all I had. I landed my run and was overly excited I just couldn’t stop smiling.
Going into the Olympics I had a goal to make the Semi-finals and finish in the top 20. Sitting infront of the camera waiting for my score know matter what it was I was so happy with my performance after landing a run and giving it all I had.
The score came up as 57.25 and I was in 8th position with 9 going through to semi-finals. I was so happy to have made the semi-final and acheive my goal at the olympics.



Unfortunatly I fell both runs in semi finals and finished 18th at the Olympics.
I had acheived my Olympic dream, Made the semi-finals and finished in the top 20 in the world. I have never felt so proud to represent Australia and having my family there suporting me in Sochi made it all so much better, absolutly nothing could have taken the smile off my face that day.

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