I arrived in the village around midnight living on about 3 hours of plane sleep but once we touched down in Sochi the excitement took over and it was all happening and so real. I could hardly calm down and go to bed as i just wanted to check out all our uniforms and goodie bags.

DAY 1:
Today we had the our Australian flag raising/Welcome ceremony and Official Australain Team Reception where we were all presented with our Australian Olympic Team Plaques and the Opening Ceremony Flag Bearer was anounced.


I was so thankful to have mum and dad there in the crowds of media, officials, coaches and other parents watch me walk on stage in my Australian Olympic uniform and receive my olympic plaque. It may have brought a tear to my dad and coach’s eyes but i am so happy they were all there to see me achieve my dream with all the time, effort, sacrifices and enjoyment.

Here are some shots from around the village today during the Flag Raising Ceremony.




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