I have had 2 days training in the Copper pipe and it felt so good to be back in a perfectly shaped 22-foot halfpipe! I took it easy the first day, getting the feel of the transition and the walls, but after a few runs I was loving it and just wanted to keep pushing higher and higher!

Today was looking to be another perfect blue bird day but the clouds managed to roll in. The Snowboard Halfpipe Revolution Tour competition was on at Copper Mountain. I watched women’s qualifying to see who was competing and what tricks they were doing so I could get an idea in my head of where I need to be with my riding and working out a solid run for competitions. There were a few good clean runs thrown down by the girls, which was great to watch!

Tomorrow is ski Halfpipe practice, but the pipe is still open to the public so I will defiantly be up there training.

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