New Zealand & Haakon Flips (inverted switch 720)

A few days ago while training at cardrona, it was a great sunny day and the right wall of the pipe had become softer, i had been working on my back to back 5s and i also landed a few michalchuks so my coach (Ben Boyd) and i thought it was a perfect time to try some Haakon flips (inverted switch 720) I was so stoked to finally get the feeling for that trick as i had tried some in the past but just couldn’t get the feeling down.
I didn’t land any the first day i tried them but went back to cardrona the following day and was so determinded to land my new trick that i landed it second try! Landing a new trick after having only a few attempts at it in the past was a great feeling and its my new favourite trick!

The world cup is in 3 days time and we have official training the next 2 days so i will be concentrating on putting my run together and preparing for the first Olympic Qualifying event!

Dad arrives tomorrow so i will have some on snow photos coming soon.

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